This will show you a list of frequently asked questions. If you wish to find general xat information, you can visit the xat Wiki here. Please note that when making new threads you must not include any personal information. e.g Emails, passwords etc. You may include your ID/registered name so that volunteers/admins can further assist you.

1. I'm locked out! What do I do?
Clear your cookies and send a ticket to and make sure it is in the "Locked Out" department. You should receive a reply within 24 hours. If you're having trouble with this and you would like a guide, click here If you still cannot create a ticket after following the guide, do not hesitate to create a new thread or private message a volunteer.

2. I forgot my email! What do I do?
You can get a hint at if you have access to the account and you are a paid user on the account. Xat cannot help you in any other cases. You also cannot ask for an email hint in a ticket from another account.

3. I want to report a user for scamming/phishing
We don't encourage threads about pinpointing certain users. You can report the user by clicking on their avatar and then selecting "Inappropriate" at the top. You may also create a ticket, however only users who have purchased xats can do this. If you create threads on this issue, they will either be deleted, or edited to remove screenshots. Do not create threads about scammers, send all proof and information directly to a volunteer or via the ticket system.

4. I want to report an unfair ban
Please do not create threads about this. If you wish to report an unfair ban, make sure to click report unfair ban when you are first banned. If you did not click that, then you must click message (bottom right hand corner on a chat) and report it there. Any threads made about this will either be closed or deleted.

5. I'm held! What do I do?
There are several different types of transfer hold. I will list them all below, and list what you must do in each case.

-5-7 day hold (Phishing protection): Change your password and the days should go down. If they do not, create a ticket. If you cannot create one, private message a volunteer.

-> 5 day hold (More than 5 days): Make a ticket at If you cannot create one, private message a volunteer.

-7 day hold (After getting your account unlocked): Wait 7 days.

-Transfer held for funds to clear(Could be any amount of days): Create a ticket at about the situation. If you cannot create one, private message a volunteer.

-System problem 25 (Permanent transfer block): This is usually a result of breaking xat's terms, by either scamming or phishing users. Create a ticket at about the situation. If you cannot create one because you are not a paid user, private message a volunteer.

6. I bought xats and did not receive them!
Please login again here: If you still have not received the xats after logging in, you have to create a ticket about issue here: under "Payment Problems" If you cannot create a ticket for yourself, please create a thread and take a screenshot of the error you are receiving.

7. I'm reserved! What can I do to reduce the reserve?
You can buy an ultimate game card. (These are found at your nearest walmart, rite aid, 7-11 etc) You can also purchase an ultimate game card via paypal here: You may also create a ticket about the situation here: under payment problems. The reserve also goes down over time.

8. I need a short name transferred/I want to buy a short name that is not in use but it will not let me
For either issue, you have to create a ticket at about the situation if you are a paid user. If you are not a paid user you cannot transfer your short name. If you want to purchase a short name that is not in use but it is giving you an error, you need create a ticket at about the situation if you are a paid user.

9. Procedure for reporting unfair bans on any chat group
Please do not post any reports of unfair banning on this forum. This is not the place to deal with that issue, you can better get your issue resolved by clicking inappropriate (bottom right) of the chat group, or you may use the message button (bottom right of the chat group). The message button sends a message to the main owner, if the main owner is the one unfair banning, or is not willing to deal with the situation then you may use the inappropriate button.

10. Chats are not loading!
This issue could be any one of the following, so it's best you try every single option until something works.

Update your flash player here:
Clear your cache
Increase your storage: Go to this page and find "" and set it to 10MB or higher.
Try another web browser: Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

11. I want to change my e-mail address
This is a paid service only.* If you are a paid user, create a ticket here:

12. I'm registered on the forum but I can't create threads, why?
You need to confirm your forum account by checking your e-mail address for the registration email.

Please DO NOT create multiple threads on the same issue. The threads will be deleted and if you do it repeatedly you will end up being banned. Wait for a response on the original thread.

Paid service - This means that you must have purchased xats from at any point. Even the lowest package ($5) counts as being a paid user. The use of an Ultimate Game Card also counts as being a paid user.

Instead of private messaging a volunteer the user who requires help should fill out this form:

Click here to access the form.

If you have any ideas on how to add to this guide, or if I've missed anything, please let us know.