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    I liked Pantherbas's template. So I made my own template, this contains smiley molds made by Mr.Boz (I bought a template from Boz) So 100% credit to Boz for the smiley molds. Pantherbas gave me inspiration to create the smiley bar (He has a really cool smiley bar). The box and gloss was made by me (smiley bar). I created the hills gloss (which I'm not so good at lol) But I hope you enjoy the template! SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE DETAIL (V2)

    There is no place for radio, Xat planet is a little off. Feel free to take off these parts.

    Download for PSD:


    Normal Image (png):

    FAQ (kinda)

    On the gloss in Photoshop you may want to adjust the opacity to 12% I'm sorry about that. Feel free to adjust the opacity on anything you wish. Edit>Transform>Flip Vertical to flip the hills (gloss) around.

    EDIT: Just noticed I left a little of the gloss on there accidently, feel free to erase that part. The bottom layer is a gradient, if you want it to be a solid color rectangle select and clear the layer then fill it with your solid color, but I like it as a gradient instead. If you want the color blue take 2 shades of blue close to eachother and select the 2nd gradient option and make a gradient from a corner to the middle and it looks cool. You can do another gradient type but thats the one I prefer.

    Changing color of borders

    To change the color of the borders go to the borders layer (IN v2 there are 2 borders layers), Right click the Layer(s) and click color overlay and switch the color to whatever you like, Adding a texture is pretty simple, switch the mode of the color overlay to Overlay or Softlight (something around there) and add in a pattern overlay as well.

    The only reason I'm typing all of this stuff is if you need help you can look to this post.

    V2 - Update like 30 minutes later Lol
    If you would like a template in more detail I put more stuff in V2, both of these templates look almost exactly the same. UPLOADING SOON PDN NOT AVAIBLE


    For some reason the screenshot makes it look really bad so I didn't want to put a .png version of it nor the preview, but its better if I did.
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    nice work Domo. will make one bg with this template


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      Thanks Ismael


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        Good Work Domo!!


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          Thanks Ying


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            can you reupload
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