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"Security check: Please check your email to login."

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  • "Security check: Please check your email to login."

    So I haven't been on my Xat account for over a year and now I've been going on it for the past week or so and this came up.. "Security check: Please check your email to login." The thing is I forgot my email address which I used to make my account, so I cant sign in! I have some powerful powers on my account, days and xats. Is there some way for me to find out which email I signed up with? If there Isn't then I'm loosing my account with all my things on.... would really appreciate some help here...

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    Two methods:

    1. Guess every email you have on reset password page until one works.

    2. If you're able to, open a support ticket from the account that you want access to, and ask for a hint to your email. Note they can only fess up first three letters and the extension ( etc.), they will not feed your entire email due to privacy concerns.

    Hope you get it worked out.


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      Hmm, ask a friend for a day and transfer your powers/xats/days to another account then delete your account and re register it with a new email and transfer all your powers back.

      IMPORTANT you will loose all xats, subscriber days, powers and marriges etc.
      so make sure you transfer everything to a new account.

      To delete a account first go to login < and login then when it says login successful scroll down and click more then click delete account.

      I hope this helped
      xHelp (85587017)
      Former Xat Help Moderator And Bot Coder At Your Service