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I need urgent help!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I need urgent help!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im in urgent need of help. I cannot connect to any chats right now. Am I the only one having this issue? I tried to change browsers and clear my cache.

    hope fully I can get some suggestions here.

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    Sometimes it can be internet speed, or sometimes it can be that Xat is updating. I suggest waiting a few minutes and trying to reconnect. This actually just happened to me.

    Micheal (71567782)
    If you need help with anything, feel free to message me either here or on Xat.


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      if you can auctally get the box right click it settigs go to the little folder the drag the arrow down to zero clear ur browser i recomend ccleaner try this and see if it works
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        Usually this will fix itself quickly. It could also depend on what chat you are trying to get on. Some have multiple problems with the connection others run smoothly. I hope this helped!

        Kimi (231304167)


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          You might need to raise your storage to "unlimited", to this do please follow these steps:

          1. Go to any chatbox and right click it, then click "settings".

          2.Next click the little folder icon and move the bar all the way to the right.

          3.Next click "close" and refresh the page.

          If you are still experiencing problems, then check and make sure your are getting an good internet connection. The problem might also occur because of xat servers and xat updating, usually when there's alot of users online at one time, the server has to adjust itself.

          Try to raise your storage first and keep us updated on your progress.

          Best of luck,
          zzmorg82 (403922062)


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            Try to increase your storage to unlimited by right clicking on the chat click settings, click the folder icon, drag the bar all the way to the right (to unlimited) click close then refresh the chat then if a box shows up that says allow or deny, click allow.

            Also, make sure your firewall is not blocking xat so you are able to get on.

            Also, try to update your flash player at so it is on the updated version.

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            Champ (75823754)


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              Please try and do the following;
              • Raise your storage
              • Make sure you have the latest adobe flash
              • Make sure your firewall settings allow xat

              Hope i helped.
              xNick (6960969)


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                You should be able to connect to chats currently. There was an issue yesterday where official chats did not load. Can you respond letting us know if it's working again?

                Best regards,