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Promote xat chicasbarbie blocked to Promote

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  • Promote xat chicasbarbie blocked to Promote

    Promote a problem called xat
    xat is a very popular but to go to page and promote it appears: ** Sorry, not available ** please promotion are asked a favor to unlock the room to promote it contains more than 6 rooms online forward to your response antisipación

    I am promoting the language group is Spanish xat

    will not let me promote the error is still the same I have to do or play to promote the image of the error xat

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    Hmm, I've never seen this before. The only thing I can think of is that xat has personally dis-allowed you to promote your chat. Be aware, that I could in-fact be wrong.

    So i suggest opening a ticket about the situation at and asking the volunteers. If you are unable to make a ticket because you are not a paid user, you're going to need to make a payment.

    Reply back for further assistance if needed.

    xNick (6960969)


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      Do you have held? or your chat may have broken Xats terms of service.. were there any innnapropiate swearing flaming etc on the chat?

      Let's Do The Zu


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        Your chat was de-listed forever for breaking and/or the promotion rules.

        Please open up a ticket about this at

        If you are unable to open the ticket because you are not a paid user, you need to make a payment by purchasing xats or you can make a new chat.

        Best regards,