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How do yo delete your xat account

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  • How do yo delete your xat account

    I made a account i don't want on xat do i delete it or aleast log off it the name was zacharythewolf


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    Restricting your Chat Box

    Hi Helper Dude. You cannot delete your xat chat, nor your account, but you can close the group down my clicking the "edit" button on the top right screen of your computer, and then type your password. After that, scroll down untill you see a list of check mark(s). There should be an option that says "make this chat box for members only". Put a check mark next to it by clicking on the box. This don't accually delete your box, but it will restrict anyone from coming in.

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      Yes you can

      Contrary to the recent 2 comments, you can log out of your account, as I have done just that. When in a chat box/group, click your name. Then click 'Register.' A new window will open up in which you can login and logout of your account.

      IDK why ACK and Reggie say you can't but here's a screenshot of the screen I got.

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        No problem, ACK.

        Yeah, I thought it might've been new, but I hadn't clicked my name for a couple of weeks, so I assumed I was just late noticing it. lol

        Great feature, by the way! Except I couldn't get it to work when I tried to change my registered name. I was kinda in a rush though, so I'll try it again.