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Official XAT Chats (Admin Made)

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  • Official XAT Chats (Admin Made)

    Users should automaticly be made a member in rooms like Flirt, Lobby, ect. Because then they can post links instead of having to set them as their homepage. Also they should assign mods to it that way users that spam, harrass and break XAT rules can be banned.

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    Eh, I dont think that would be such a spectacular idea, ads can get
    really annoying and old when being posted by the same user. Also,
    Xat wont put moderators in lobby or flirt, well they might have some now
    but I have never seen them. I posted a thread about moderation in flirt
    which is simular to lobby and a moderator was quick to tell me that "mods
    appointed in these such rooms abuse powers", then sadly my thread was
    closed. I think at times it is sad that there is no moderation in these chats
    becuase there should be, if they are not willing to make moderators in
    these chats then maybe an admin should keep watch of the rooms.
    What do you think?
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      The ignore button should be useful there, out of all the people in flirt and the lobby, instead of moderators.

      and what ACKirbachu said, you can always PC a link to the person.
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