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XAT Chatroom Hacker Attack

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  • XAT Chatroom Hacker Attack

    I never would have believed it if I wouldn't have seen it. There is someone in my chat room that can be a moderator, co-owner, owner or anyone he chooses. He can change his ID number to what he wants it to be and the person with the same ID number gets disconnected and pretend to be that person who got disconnected.

    He can ban anyone including co-owners except the main owner of the chat room but he himself is a Guest.

    Here is a snapshot of one event that took place.

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    I got this problem before maybe this is the same as you have now,remember your past days because in the and they also got this problem but now they are already aware because they know what the problem is all of thier trusted main-owner give the password to somebody to pretend he/she is a hacker and then that person also give the password of thier room so that the one who first give the password can also pretend as a hacker as of now they call their group as a hacker and actually i know the few of them they are from PZCZONE AND PINOYCENTRAL....They best way to do is to change your password and contact i hope this will help you..

    p:s give 1 day subscription to all loyal in that group


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      Probably a user who you know or had access to your password, made them self main an used $ before there name to appear as guest. Next time this happens reset the chat box an change the password.

      If they have access to the email, then contact xat at: include xat in the subject title. Maybe if this happens again you can send them a message an have them change the email for you.


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        Well what you can do now is, Reset the chat and change the password to something that is hard to remember. This will, hopefully, stop the "hacker" from doing any further damage.