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How to make big letters?

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  • How to make big letters?

    Hi, I've seen tons of people with big letters in their name in the new help chat group. I've been wondering, how do I make the text in my name so big? I know you have to put the ***3663; emote at the beginning or end, like ***7750;***7882;***7750;***308;***7680;***3663; but I want to make it myself. What website, if any, or program can do this? Please respond.

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    Big Letters comes with Big Attention

    Hey. To add big letters for your name, and if you are using Windows XP, click "start" on your computer, then click "Assessories", find the "system tools" in the assessoceries minu, and then find "charector map". You will see a list of letters and symbols to choose from. Find the big letters in the charector map box. Another way you can find big letters for your name is by clicking on the "start" button and clicking "run". Type "charmap" and you will be taken to the charmap menu. Find big letter from there too. When you are finised, click "select" and or "copy" and then copy the letters in the field. Finally, paste those letters to your name. It is not necessary to add the copyright sign, emo or trademark sign(s) by your name to get big letters. Enjoy! I hope this helps.


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      Hi, this didn't help at all. They are like regular letters that are capitals. The ones I'm looking for require the ***3663; sign and are 2 bigger than capital letters. If you look on you would know what I am talking about.


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        I hope that's what your looking for. I got them from here. ^^


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          Well sorry if I'm no help.


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            and add the ***3663; symbol

            (***3663; NAME GOES HERE ***3663;)
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              You can use windows charmap, or I know a good one that is located here:


              Hope I helped,