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Can't login. :(

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  • Can't login. :(

    Dear Employees of,

    For some reason I can no longer log into my registered xat ID. I input my email and password as per usual, and come to the screen where it says "login failed", just as It always did. However, now, it never changes to login sucessful. It just stays login failed...

    What's going on?

    Does xat keep track of people through the use of I.P. addresses? Could this be related to my problem? I believe I have a dynamic IP address so it changes every few days. If this is a problem, is there any way I can fix it?

    I did't login since last month, and it always have been logging in and logging out normally since. However today, I can't get past the "login failed" thing. It's just stuck!

    I don't know what to do anymore. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Registered Xat user - 44

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    Okay, this issue has happened with me at school a few times before and this is what I did to solve it -

    Solution 1 - Simply log into your Xat account with Protect Mode OFF instead of the usual ON. Feel free to log back into it with Protect Mode ON after you've successfully logged into it with it off.

    Solution 2 - If solution 1 did not work, log into your account with Protect Mode ON (Even if it still says Login Failed.. at the end). Next, if you have access to another computer that is assigned a different IP address than your normal one, attempt to log into your account on that separate computer and it should send a Security Check to your email automatically (since protect mode is ON). Then, simply click on the link, and try logging into your xat account with protect mode off.

    Note: If you don't have a secondary computer to log in under your Xat account with a different IP, then another thing you could do is change your pass to something you wouldn't normally use. Then, give that password to a trusted friend/individual and have that person log into the account. Since protect mode is on, it will trigger the Security Check, and a verification email will be sent to your email for you to click and log in under.

    Remember, you're free to log back into your account with protect mode On AFTER you've successfully logged into it with Protect Mode Off.

    P.S. - Your registered Xat user ID is 44?


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      FINALLY I got it to say load successful! Thank you very much!

      Sorry, my Registered Xat user is actually MattLovesPie.