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    Question READ: Locked Out

    This guide is for users who have been locked out of their account. The only way to unlock your account is to send a ticket to support. If you want to update your account's home location because you cannot turn account locking on, scroll down.

    It is necessary to be able to login to the email for this to work, as you will need to click on a link in your email to reply to the ticket.

    Step 1: Clear your cookies and go to http://xat.com/ticket and click open ticket. Enter your email address in the box at the top, and then make sure your ticket is in the Locked Out department. In the subject, state that your account is locked and you cannot login to it. Keep in mind the subject MUST be 5 words or more. The message section is optional, but you may include more information as to why you cannot login to the account. e.g If you switched locations, or switched internet service providers. Click on open ticket.

    Example of how your ticket should look before sending

    Step 2: Wait for a response. (Keep checking your email), when you receive an email you will see the response. Make sure to click on the link in the email to reply to the ticket, you CANNOT reply to the email. The volunteer who responded would have asked you some security questions to verify that you own the account. If the answers are correct, the account will be unlocked but you will be put on transfer hold(No trading or transferring will be allowed) for 7 days.

    Video guide for this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhiHB6qF1Ow

    If you are unable to open a ticket successfully even after following this guide, please click here and fill out this form and a ticket will be opened for you.

    How to get your account location updated if you cannot turn account locking on

    Create a ticket about this at http://xat.com/Ticket If you cannot open the ticket because you are not a paid user, you will need to make a payment by purchasing xats.

    To contact Volunteers please read:

    As stated above, click http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ykX2...PrDYA/viewform and fill out that form, and we will open a ticket for you.
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