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    Default Official Forum Rules

    Welcome to the xat community forums! The following rules have been created to provide all users with an enjoyable and positive experience. The following rules are highly enforced, and all infractions should be reported via the report function which is located to the bottom left of all posts.

    01. Do not post comments that are irrelevant to a thread or do not contribute to the topic. All other spam definitions are included within this rule.

    02. Flaming or degrading users in a manner that negatively effects their enjoyment of this service is not allowed.

    03. Please do not advertise. Links to personal forums, blogs, or other websites or content is not allowed. Links to websites such as YouTube, Photobucket, Tinypic, and xat links are allowed.

    04. The discussion of hacks or exploits is not permitted.

    05. Content which contains nudity, inappropriate words, or otherwise inappropriate pictures and content which is not suitable for users under the age of fourteen is not allowed.

    06. Double posting in any thread is not allowed unless authorization has been given by a moderator or specific circumstances such extending a post past its maximum character limit call for it.

    07. Forum games are permitted within these forums. Please review the forum rules here.

    08. Requesting special services such as xats, subscription days, or powers in any section of this forum is not allowed.

    09. In a contest within the forums, it is the responsibility of the contest creator to reward any winning user (as specified within their contest thread). If this is not done, the contest creator may be banned from creating further contests unless permission from a moderator is issued.

    10. Disputes regarding the action of of a moderator are allowed if due respect is given. Creating topics purposely meant to create a disruption are obviously not allowed. Consider the reason for any such action by a moderator or administrator.

    11. Negative discussion of chats, as well as the debate of issues within a chat, are not allowed.

    12. The sale or discussion of buying and selling chat rooms or identification numbers is not allowed.

    13. The posting of scripts and programs or the discussion of such material that may be deemed illegal in England and Wales is not permitted.

    14. "Trolling" isn't allowed. Although this should be dealt with on a case by case basis and by moderator discretion, the general meaning may consist of posting content which is specifically meant to annoy users and has no point in further discussion.

    15. Do not post personal information of other users if they do not wish for it to be posted. This includes (but is not limited to), addresses, real name, email address, their Facebook page, or IM user account.

    16. Reviving old threads (90 or more days) for a useless purpose is not allowed unless it has a valid contribution to the thread. Reviving old threads is perfectly fine if it's appropriate (example: don't post in a two year old thread with a comment such as "cool").

    17. Administrators or moderators reserve the right to edit, delete, move, close, or unapprove any thread, post, visitor message, or group discussion for any reason if deemed appropriate.

    18. You may not use the xat logo as your avatar.

    Ban times vary depending on what rule you broke and how you broke it, in some regards we tend to be tolerant but we can't have a lot of abusive users.


    Thank you for using the xat community!
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