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Thread: Introduction to xat Money and Subscriptions

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    chris Guest

    Exclamation Introduction to xat Money and Subscriptions

    Click here for the wiki help on this topic.

    You can now buy xat money (xats) to purchase extra stuff in the chat box. In general, xats are used to buy things that cannot be free (example: kisses would be over used and used for spam if they were free, and marriages wouldn't mean anything if they were free). If you can't afford any xats then you can still see all the stuff and if you are lucky someone might marry you! There is also a transfer feature to transfer items to other people.

    To buy xats you need to be registered (click on your name and then the register button).
    When you are registered click the button or click your name and select "Get xats".

    To send a kiss, click on the 8ball which is located on the smiley line of the chat.

    You can buy kisses for 25 xats, marriages or "Best Friends Forever" for 200 xats (divorces are free). xats include a free subscription which allows you to use "ultra smilies" and "ultra avatars".

    Kisses are a full screen movie that appears on top of the chat box to everyone on the chat box (unless they are ignoring you). Kisses include a message, so don't forget to fill that in.

    Marriages or "Best Friends Forever" allow you pair up on xat. Your icons and names will be next to each other and a symbol will show you are paired. If you are main owner and you are married, your partner will sit next to you even if they are a member or guest. You can marry anyone you want (as long as neither of you are already married) but remember, they can divorce you for free so make sure the person you are marrying wants to be married to you. To get married, click on the person's name and click the "Marry/Best Friend" button.

    Divorces are free (two divorces are included in the price of a marriage). To get divorced, click on your name and click the "Divorce" button. If you change your mind and want to remarry, you must pay another 200 xats. You can get divorced publicly, or you can go to a room with no one else on and do it privately.

    Transfers give someone xats or subscriber time. Click on their name in the visitors list and click the transfer button. Type in the number of xats and subscriptions days that you want to give them.

    Ultra smilies are special smilies that have extra features or only work for subscribers, but don't worry, if you're not a subscriber, all of the existing smilies will continue to work and we will be adding more. Current ultra smilies are (X) (CLOVER) (GHAT) (AIRPLANE) (HEARTS) (HIPPO) (SURPRISE) (PAINT) (CONFETTI) (CHAMPAGNE) (CRY) (ARGUE) (PARACHUTE) (DYNAMITE) (BOMB) (BUGS) (LB) (FIREWORKS) and regular smilies improved for subscribers (D) (DMD) (N) (BBY) (LI) (GST) (C) (BIN) (NOTE) (WWE) (ROFL) (EGG).

    Ultra Avatars are jazzed up avatars or picture. Instead of using a picture, you can use most smilie codes instead, for example you can put (CD) or (CIR) as your picture. You can also add effects to your avatar. To add an effect put #hearts , #lips , #glitter , #beams, #blood , or #equ , #walk, #up, #down after your picture. To add a smilie effect, add #up#xtre where xtre is the smilie you want. Note that only smilies that are in brackets work, so (ninja) works and |-) does not.


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    Quote Originally Posted by crack23 View Post
    it excuses the use for the yellow star has cost? excuses my ingles.. amm nd profit not to subscribe to me =(
    The yellow star is to let you know your subscribed, if there was no yellow star it would be hard to tell if someone is subscribed or not, thus when they use the features subscribers have it would be a bit awkward for others.

    If you can't pay for it, as Chris said maybe you will get lucky an someone will marry you, bff, send you xats or days..etc.

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    Default Xats and subscription

    Hmm...You said it would be hard to tell if you are subscribed or not? The black star means you're not subscribed. How hard can that be?

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    DarkShadowLurker Guest


    I really love the xat money system ^^ and yeah lol basically not hard to tell if someone's subscribed or not

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    Black star means registered, yellow means subscribed, as well as red if your married or bff. etc..

    But also when you click on the users name it will say subscribed.

    Users who know what subscribers look like will be able to tell if they are by looking at the color.

    If it was all the same you would have to click the name to see, instead of just looking at the icon color.

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    BillGilds Guest

    Arrow Introduction to xat money and subscriptions


    I really love the xat money system ^^ and yeah lol basically not hard to tell if someone's subscribed or not


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    [MAL] Sylar † Guest


    how can i subsribe to xchat??

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    Smile err

    When you are registered click the button OR click your name, click the Register button and select "Get Subscription and xats"
    Or just click "buy" or "xats" in the chatbox

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    Hmm ok like everyoone else said.
    Black-Non subscriber
    yellow-subscribed user

    People may be subscribed if they have the subhide power which enables them to hide their subscription =]

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    Default Thanks, Kinda old

    Lol, thanks Chris, but i was thinking Catrina or a mod might wanna lock this post becuase this is kinda old, but thanks for your time chris,

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