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Thread: My account was blocked because i changed my ''IP address

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    Smile My account was blocked because i changed my ''IP address

    Hello,I have the power "tickle" but I changed my "ip address"with can no longer login to my account.I wonder if there could unlock it for me?

    My Internet Is:Movel 3G

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    First clear your cookies so you are able to create a ticket under the locked out department. Then go to xat.com/ticket and click open new ticket. Then put in your email in the correct area and make sure the topic is under Locked Out. Make sure the subject is 5 or more words or the ticket will not be sent. Then write in the message area explaining the issue and click open ticket. Then go to your email and wait for a response from the ticket system. Then click the link in the email and then you can reply back to the ticket. If you need anymore help creating a ticket under locked out department read: http://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/LockedOut
    You don't need to be a paid user to create a ticket under locked out department

    For more help, please read http://community.xat.com/showthread....cation-updated
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    Please message Spell or I to open a ticket for you.

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