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Thread: 2 Accounts?

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    TheGomez Guest

    Thumbs down 2 Accounts?

    My bro has a web page and so do I. However, we both want to use xat's chatbox. But with different usernames! Not the same ones. I don't wanna be changing our names every time one of us is on! Is it possible to have 2 different accounts??? Some help please!

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    Unlimited Guest


    -Click on your name.
    -In the top right corner you should see a button. (New User...)

    -Click on that button and you've 2 accounts.
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    fash Guest


    or make a new account.

    if u'll be the one to xat,

    log in ur account. [email and ur password]


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    Tosan139 Guest

    Default I should try that

    Yea my brother wants to join xat. Thanks for the help even though the help was not meant towards me.

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    Banned[Alan] Guest


    To make a new account, go on a different computer which does not have a xat account. Once you register on that computer, go on your regular computer you use. Click on your name, and select Register. On that page, click "Log out".. When you log out, go back to this page and type in the e-mail and password you used to make the other account on your other computer, then click 'Log in'. After you have logged in, sign out of all chats, and sign back in.

    If you want to just change your name, but don't want to have to change it every time another person uses xat on your computer, then click on your name.. select 'New User' and change the name/pic/Home page you want for that account..
    Note: You can only have 5 different names.
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    davidwest Guest


    if u have two emails u can register with two different emails i have dont it lol

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    Thumbs down Very bad idea


    Using 2 accounts on the same computer DOES have its flaws.
    I personally suggest that you dont try this, it can pose problems
    that may persist for a long period of time. I have played around
    with it and here is some things I have found out.

    *You may loose your mod\owner\guest\member to certain

    *After closing your browser after toying with multiple accounts
    may delete your name and picture (which can be replaced easily)
    but just letting you know.

    *Using the other accounts problems can occur with the other
    computer that the original account was made on.

    Play with this at your own risk, but I suggest you dont.
    Im just providing you with the cons of toying with two accounts

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    ADInfierno Guest


    And help me... how to delete users?

    Trying to understand how to use users, I used all "users" per acount allowed, so... how to delete the users???

    And how to switch between users without change the "nick" in the history conversation?

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    DarkShadowLurker Guest


    Sadly, you can't delete users as of yet..

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    Catrina Guest


    Best Idea Change It, and "yet..." won't be

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