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Thread: how do i reset my xat account completely?

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    EmileeSuicide Guest

    Default how do i reset my xat account completely?

    i really wanna reset but idk how.

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    Banned[Alan] Guest

    Post Reset

    Right click on a chat.
    Click 'settings'.
    Click on the folder. Drag the bar to None.
    Click 'OK'.
    Refresh the chat.

    Click 'login' , type in your e-mail, and xat password. After you've been logged in, click 'More'. Now, click 'Delete (Enter your xat account name here).'

    Helpful screen shots:


    I hope I helped! And, remember. By deleting your account, and resetting you will loose all mod/member/owner statuses, xats/days, friends, etc!
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    You can't reset your registered account. Only your number an stored xat data.

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