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Thread: Suggestion: Auto-Respond/Away Message

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    Catrina Guest

    Post Suggestion: Auto-Respond/Away Message

    Lets first start with Away,
    Away status tells that your brb/afk. Buuuut! You are still online, just that your User Icon has a different style icon. You can set Away option through your Edit Name/Picture/Homepage etc.
    Auto Message:
    Whenever you put your status as away, you can have an auto-respond message whenever someone private chats you, it'll be something like this:

    Private Chat.
    Darren: Chris you there?
    Auto Respond Message from Chris: AFK, going to restart server.

    Thats just the example

    When too many private chats, they will close, but appear when you go to Away Pc's
    Log In to Xat Registered Users --> Check Away messages!
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    I like this idea,an away message/auto-response message would be useful for people to tend to be away from their comp often while on xat.

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    Default I agree

    Its a nice feature. IM IN.
    Dario (3942935)

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    Scot7600 Guest

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    Yeah I support this too, auto respond messages all the way! =P

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