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Thread: New power: Hats

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    Zapper Nodle Guest

    Cool New power: Hats

    Please delete/lock this thread if it has already been posted.

    A new power has been released: Hats! This power allows you to dress your User Icon with a hat. (Whats a user icon?)

    How to use Hats:
    As all other powers, you half to be an Xat Subsciber. You can purchase the power here for 50 xats. Once you purchased the power, re-load your chat. Now, just put (Hat) in your name, for a TopHat.

    Other Hats:
    So far, only two optional hats have been released. These are:
    (hat#t) and ||(This will give you a Cap.)||
    (hat#f) ||(This will give you a Foot Ball helmet.)||

    Coloring your Hat:
    You can color the hat by doing this:
    A "HexColorCode" is the code of the color you want. You can find those here.

    If you have problems, or need help, feel free to post.

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    thoregundi Guest

    Default just got the hat power

    I added (hat) after my name, and nothing happened ?? Yes, I closed the browser and reopened? did I do something wrong ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thoregundi View Post
    I added (hat) after my name, and nothing happened ?? Yes, I closed the browser and reopened? did I do something wrong ?
    Don't bump old threads and do you have the Hat Power?

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    For Hat power to work, You need the Hat power and Subscriber days.
    For Hat power codes take a look at the Xat Wiki
    This power allows you to place one of the available hats on your "pawn" (The icon that appears to the left of your username on the visitors list, and has a color that changes depending on your status) by placing the code for the hat in your username. Hats can be made any color.Hat codes (Replace * with hex code for your desired color): Football Helmet (hat#f#******); Baseball Cap (hat#t#******); Tophat (hat#p#******); Beer mug (hat#b#******); Bunny ears (hat#e#******); Egg (hat#g#******), Rainbow egg(hat#g) without allpowers, Golden egg (hat#g); with allpowers, Witch hat (hat#w). Replace #****** with an hex color code from. Note: Tophat the "p" can be replaced with any letter than isn't currently a hat.
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    wow this thread is old

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