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Thread: Free power!?

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    M1zw1z Guest

    Default Free power!?

    I think xat should give 1 free power but you can only have one of them powers not loads

    Plz vote

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    It would be very nice but it will never happen

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    Sixaxis Guest


    Yea it would be nice but it's 100% never gonna happen. One reason for this is that someone could just make 20+ different user accounts to get one free power for each until they got them all, then trade it all to one account.

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    Banned[Alan] Guest

    Default Bad idea.

    I agree with Sixaxis.
    This sounds like a good idea, but it's not.
    People could keep making xat accounts, and get all of the powers, then trade them to their main xat account.


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    Join Date
    Mar 2008

    Default Free powers

    Well, I agree that receiving powers for free would be rewarding. Maybe it should be for people who can be trusted. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be a good idea because people would most likely trade them, like Alan said, to other accounts, or even copy them to another account.

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    Catrina Guest


    It's just about having a lot, but think before you made this thread... Is there EVER something FREE? So think about it...

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    colin Guest


    same thig with from the person 2 posts above me say if someone got a purple they kept making accounts

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    є∂gє Guest


    Eh who needs free powers. Its better to not get free powers because later in life what's free?

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    Beta Guest


    Free powers would cause chaos and ruin the purpose for xats. Horrible idea no offense.

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    є∂gє Guest


    I also personally think "powers" have ruined xat. All I see now are people begging for days/xats/powers and it seems like if you have subscriber days you gain a lot more respect than someone with nothing. I liked the older days and now it just seems like greedy city.
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