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Thread: Security Check: Pleae check your email to login

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    Exclamation Security Check: Pleae check your email to login

    I'm getting this error code since I purchased xats, I succesfully have received the xats and days that I bought but I'm not able to login the pc I always use to chat in. Now when I go to a chat and it says: "You have been automatically logged out. Please login again at xat.com/login"

    Here is a pic: http://i40.tinypic.com/15ydg7b.jpg

    Please let me know how to solve this problem, I already emailed info@xat.com, but they wont respond or take forever to answer, so I'm hoping there is a quick solution for this. Thanks!

    Chombitox de la cripta

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    Go to your email and click the link. If your IP address changed and you have protect mode on, you will receive this message when trying to log in again. Also you will be auto-logged out from time to time, sorry.

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    Default this is to protect peoples accounts

    this is a new feature that was created not to long ago the feature is to prevent people from scamming xats and days from you from phishing sites

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