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Thread: Xat Templates

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    MasterOfLag Guest

    Lightbulb Xat Templates

    Now as I was surfing xat chats I came across a number of people trying to sell xat.com based avatars. So, I thought why not let everyone have them for their own use, whether they want to change them into there xat chat logo for everyone to use as their avatar or whatever.

    Here are over 30 free xat related avatar templates waiting for you to use or edit


    Here is a list of symbols to use when editing your avatar or background to make it 100% sexy:


    Here is a wickedly cool free xat chat background template ready to be edited and used:


    Hope you enjoy them and never again have to pay for templates or xat based avatars.
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    wow, lag this is really nice to give us

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    lizzieb887 Guest


    Cool idea thanks

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    MasterOfLag Guest


    For the tinypic.com avatars on the link I gave you will have to re-upload them to photobucket if you want to be able to use them.

    As xat.com doesn't let anybody just post tinypic pictures as there avatar.

    Hope you enjoy them and find them useful,

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    Not sure how long ago this was made but the links dont work anymore. Any chance you can redo these links?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ddi991Rockz View Post
    Not sure how long ago this was made but the links dont work anymore. Any chance you can redo these links?
    This thread is 3 years old. No.
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