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    Tips to free xats... ( tinyurl.com/TipsToXats )

    I have decided to share some tips that help me make xats daily in an easy way.

    1. The most sucessful method I use that often works is a very simple one that most people probably don't even

    know about. What I started doing was going to xat.com/search and searching certain keywords. I usually search

    random things such as "cool", "dude", "lol", or even "powers". After those keywords I usually get messages 1 or 2

    minutes just after there said. I look at what chats they were sent from and I make sure there not number chats

    only ones with names since number chats usually don't have suscribers in them. Usually these chats are very

    random and you would be suprised at how many people go on xat that you have never seen. So after I find some

    chats with names I go to each individual one and I usually find 1-3 suscribers in them. Usually these suscribers

    aren't big traders at all. They just come to their chat everyday and talk to there friends. Since they do that

    regularly they obtain powers that have gone limited and have gained rarity in time which they wouldn't know about.

    The ones I really look out for are boot, angel, fade, and powers that have been around for a long time and are

    limited, even holiday powers. So here's the moment to get them without blowing your cover that your trying to

    make profit. I usually PC the person and start out with a low offer such as. "Hey, dude I need a boot to boot some

    noob at my chat can I buy yours for 2000 xats?" After that I usually get a yes or no anwser. So usually after they

    say I don't want to sell my boot or I like my boot, I go up higher. "How about 3000 xats?" After that they usually

    take another thought at it and keep thinking. Then after a few minutes I respond again. "How about 4000 xats? I

    can do this all day." After that they usually give in but sometimes they ask a few questions like: "Why don't you

    buy it on trade?" or "Why don't you just buy it in powers?" Most of the time it's either of those questions and I

    come up with some clever excuses such as "I'm banned on trade..." or "I'm just trying to give you a good deal man,

    comeon." or " I'm just trying to spend all these xats I have (thats if you have show turned on) After that they

    usually give in and you trade them the power you wanted. What I usually do is kind of

    get 2 powers and raise the offer so it looks like a great deal. Like for example if they had angel and fade I would

    say: "Hey, you think I can buy your angel and fade for I don't know maybe 5000 xats?" After that they get a little

    bit shocked at the price and want to trade automatically. This tip works alot for me and it should work for you if

    your a smooth talker.

    2. Alot of the times xat lets powers be released a quantity at a time. They usually list the release time and how

    much a user could buy. This is a great opportunity to make some xats just buy checking xat.com/twitter regularly

    and seeing what powers are being released and what's going on. Now as many of you know powers that are

    released in quantities go pretty quick. Here's a few tips how to get them at the exact moment there released and

    how to get alot of them.

    1. Always know what the time is by watching the clock on your computer.

    2. Close all windows (except the powerpage) 1-2 minutes before the power/s are being released.

    3. Keep refreshing constantly until you see the item is available.

    4. Always have your password on copy/paste if you don't have FireFox which automatically saves it for you.

    5. Since there's only a limit on what you can get, send your friends xats and get your friends to buy you some too which reels in more profit.

    After getting these powers head to trade and find the people who will pay the big bucks.

    Keep doing this every hour the power is released for an even greater profit.

    Hope these tips helped, visit http://video-game-info.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1252 for another guide for

    making xats...

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    Great tips, Alex.

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    NcoleysNickiName Guest

    Default Thx!

    I sold angel for like 8700 and brought it again for like 8500...its not much of a difference but i was rushing :3

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